For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

- Matthew 6:21


Southern Hills believes that tithing is a biblical principle and encourages its membership to commit to this teaching. We believe that the tithe is 10% of one’s income and that the tithe should be given to the local church.
By giving to the church’s approved budget, your gifts provide funds for the needs of this local congregation, which includes things like education and teaching materials, worship supplies, building maintenance, utilities, and staff. Approximately 16.5% of the total budget is used for Missions and Evangelism. These funds make it possible for the ministry of this local church to provide resources to reach people around the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
In addition to the tithe, we believe the Bible teaches the giving of offerings. Southern Hills provides many opportunities for gifts above the tithe. These would include our World Missions Offering, building fund, and many more. We believe tithing and giving of offerings are spiritual decisions that should be prayerfully considered as individuals and as a family. These should not be “spur of the moment” emotions but conscientious acts of worship.

Ways to give

In-Person – gifts can be placed in the offering plates during most services or can be dropped off at the church office during regular business hours. Southern Hills provides offering envelopes for those who desire to use them. If you would like to have these envelopes sent to your home, please contact the Finance Office.
Mail – members can send their gifts to 8601 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73159.
Bill Pay – this is a service offered by most major banks. Givers can easily select the amount and determine the frequency they choose to give.
Online click here to make a contribution online.
The church provides a mailed detailed record of contributions about the middle of January each year. The Finance Office is always ready to assist you in any way. We are confident you will experience joy as you follow the Father’s will in the matter of financial stewardship.