What is the quilting ministry?

We make quilts for people with serious illnesses or who need long-term care. We have given quilts to babies, children, youth, and adults. We also present a prayer quilt to any baby being dedicated in our church family. Soon, we will be partnering with Resthaven Funeral Home to provide a memory quilt to parents who have lost a newborn.
To date, they have made and given away more than 1,400 quilts!

When and how did this ministry begin?
Three years ago this October, through a bible study, Donna was told about the Quilting Ministry of Emmaus Baptist Church. Donna wanted to know more about this ministry, and so she had tea for the ladies of the Emmaus Quilting Ministry. Nearly twenty women attended this tea time and shared about their ministry at Emmaus. That is how it all began. The Women’s Ministry of SHBC backed this group of ladies desiring to begin a new ministry. They gave the first $1,000. The ministry has grown and God has provided financially for needed machines and supplies.

Each Monday, from 10-3, anywhere from 10-15 women participate. At 10:30 they have a time of prayer. On each quilt there are ribbons, and during this prayer time, for each prayer voiced for the individual, a knot is tied into one of those ribbons. When a person receives a quilt, they know that for every knot on one of those ribbons, a prayer was voiced on their behalf, specifically for them and for their needs.
Why a quilt? What makes a quilt so special?
Quilts are comforting. It is also used as a witnessing tool. Many people have taken their quilts with them to appointments and treatments for warmth and comfort. This has given many opportunities to share God’s love and comfort.

Who can receive a quilt?
You have to be a member of SHBC to request a quilt for someone, but you do not have to be a member to receive one. Anyone can receive a quilt, provided they have a need. Forms can be filled out just outside of Door #1 and placed in the box. This box is checked numerous times each week.

How can we as a church family contribute to this ministry?
Financial donations, participate with time, prayer, and by giving quality 100% cotton fabrics. If you have any questions about how you can support or become involved in this ministry, please contact our Prayer Quilt Ministry Coordinator, Donna Miers.