Prayer Ministry

If you have a prayer request please call 405-682-5678 or click here to submit your request online.
“The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and wonderful results.”
 James 5:16

Our Purpose: Mobilize, Energize, & Advertise
Mobilize the church for mighty praying!
Energize believers so prayer is exciting!
Advertise answers to prayer – it is motivating!

Here at SHBC we have several ways that you can become involved in the vital ministry of Intercessory prayer.

The War Room (Prayer Room)
This is our “anchor” ministry. Our beautiful Prayer Room is located just inside the door to the Welcome Center. People sign on to pray at a particular hour during the week in the actual War Room. The room itself is only open during the daytime. This little room is equipped with current requests, Prayergrams to write if you choose to, etc. You don’t have to be a great prayer warrior to be involved in this ministry, but this ministry has produced some great prayer warriors. If you feel a nudge to be a part of this happy work call the church office (405-682-1636) and ask for Ruffin or his assistant, Linda.

You Prayer Requests
Your prayer needs can be written on the communication card on the pew backs in the Worship Center or submitted on the website, or the SHBC app at anytime and they will be prayed for.

RD2PRAY (Ready to Pray)
Similar to the War Room, this is a ministry in which you can pray at home, on break at work at an assigned hour during the week. The difference is that you are not limited to the War Room. You find the prayer requests on the SHBC App or the website or on lists provided at the Welcome Center at church. Our goal is to have at least one person praying for every one of the 168 hours of the week. And more than one person or couple can be assigned to the same hour. Could this ministry be for you? Call the church office (405-682-1636) and ask for Ruffin or his assistant, Linda.

Pastor’s Prayer Letter
Here at Southern Hills we are blessed with a praying pastor. Each week, a number of SHBC families (or singles) receive a letter from Pastor Doug informing that during a particular upcoming week, he and his wife Lana, as well as Ruffin and Melissa Snow, will be praying for their specific needs. This way, each year and a half or so, every member will be prayed for specifically. Here’s how you can help: just respond to your letter when it comes. You’ll be prayed for even if you do not respond, but it’s better by far if there are individual needs that will be helped by well-focused intercession.