Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

In 2014, Southern Hills celebrated God’s faithfulness and 50 years of ministry here in South Oklahoma City. From the very beginning, Southern Hills has had a strong commitment to missions. One of the first orders of business was to establish giving 11% to missions. Fast forward half a century and you will still find a local body of believers in South Oklahoma City very devoted to giving, praying, and going across the street and around the world to share Jesus with people.
World Missions Offering
The Cooperative Program is the Southern Baptist method of supporting mission efforts. 12% of every dollar given is forwarded to the Cooperative Program. In addition to CP giving, Southern Hills takes up a World Missions Offering. Members give throughout the year, but a heavy emphasis begins around Thanksgiving. Our 2021 World Missions Offering is 550,000!
Please contact Randy or Courtney with any questions you may have related to Missions at Southern Hills. Click here for a list of 2022 mission trips.

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2022 Mission Oppurtunities

North Carolina Youth Trip:  This year our high school students will head to the city of Havelock, N.C. to work with local church planters and pastors to help establish a new church in this highly military town.  Team members will spend part of each day helping to construct and paint the new chapel, and the other part of the days doing outreach to the nearby community.  Dates are March 13-18 and the team is led by Daniel Foster.

Salt Lake City:  This team will go into the heart of Mormonism to help local NAMB church planters reach out the community.  Team members will help with block parties, canvassing neighborhoods, and outreach during the city-wide Pioneer Days festivities.  Dates are July 21-25, and the team will be led by Daniel Snow.

North Carolina College Trip:  A team of SHBC college students will head to Havelock, NC to work with NAMB church planters there to reach out to the predominantly military community surrounding the new church plant.  Team members will do canvassing, open air evangelism, and help with renovations on the newly acquired meeting center.   Dates are August 6-12.  Contact Nathan Coats or Randy Whittall for information.
Cincinnati:  NAMB church planters have been in Cincinnati since January, 2021, seeking to plant a new church in the new Bridge City Church in the Anderson Township area of the city.  Our team will go to support their outreach efforts through community prayer-walking, painting fire hydrants, street evangelism, and small group engagement.  Dates are: September 10-17.   Contact Randy Whittall for more information.
Virginia:  This is a team that gets to love on the children of overseas personnel while their parents are going through advanced security training before returning to the field. The team will do VBS with the kids in a rural area of Virginia and minister to the parents as well.  Team size is usually 6-10, depending on the number of children that will be there.  Kim Pickett leads these teams and handles sign up.  Dates are: March 26-April 3 and July 9-17.

Washington, D.C. Choir trip:  Members of the Jubilee Choir will travel to the nation’s capital to perform at the Museum of the Bible and other venues.  Dates are October 11-15.  Contact Marti Reavis for details.

Poland:  Polish university students are very interested in American pop culture. Our team will do campus surveying and outreach to invite students to celebrate Thanksgiving, American style.  We will prepare a traditional Thanksgiving meal for students as a means of reaching them with the message of Jesus Christ.  Dates are October 29-November 5.  Contact Randy Whittall for details.
NYC:  We will be working with a new church plant called Queens Church in the Woodside burrow of Queens.  Church planter Larry Mayberry does a fall festival outreach to the community on the night of Halloween.  We travel to NYC to help with set up, promotion, engagement, and then to do one-on-one evangelism with folks as they come to the festival.   Dates are: Oct 28 - Nov 1.   Contact Randy Whittall for more information.

Senegal:  A team SHBC leaders will travel to the Casamance region of Senegal to conduct leadership training and discipleship with the leaders of the emerging church on the island of Diogue.  Team dates are October 23-30.  Contact Randy Whittall for more information.
Bridge Trip:  5th and 6th graders who have completed a series of missions activities and studies will travel to Cincinnati to do community service at the new Bridge City Church, and visit the Ark Encounter in northern Kentucky.  Dates are July 28-31 and the team is organized by Jacob Steward.

CrossTimbers Work trip:  CrossTimbers is a Missionary Children’s Camp in Davis, OK and Grove, OK, and directed by Oklahoma Baptists.  In support of this ministry our team will spend a day doing repairs, construction, and painting to prepare the camp for summer campers. Date is April 23.   Contact Randy Whittall for more information.

Quebec:   Our church is partnered with the North American Mission Board to reach the most under-evangelized areas of the continent. Quebec is one of the least reached cities in the western hemisphere.  In support of NAMB missionaries there, our team will do outreach, canvassing, and setup for Easter services.  Dates are December 5-11.  Contact Randy Whittall for more information.

DATES: 2022 Mission Trips

Senegal: Feb 5-Feb 12
Youth Trip:  North CarolinaMarch 14-19
VBS Trip 1: March 26-April 3
Crosstimbers:  April 23
VBS Trip2: July 9-17
Salt Lake City: July 19-26
5th-6th grade Bridge Trip: July 28-31
Youth Mission Intensive: August 5-7
College Trip: August 6-11
Cincinnati: September 10-17
Washington, D.C. Choir: October 11-15
New York City: October 28-Nov 1
Poland: October 29-November 5
Quebec: December 5-11