Sunday Morning 10:00am Service

Oct 30, 2022    Douglas O. Melton

“The Great Pretender”

Luke 20:45-47

Point One - To be a follower of Christ is to be accountable to other people.

Point Two - Beware of hypocrites, beware of yourself.

They were more concerned about outward physical appearance than inward spiritual reality.

“While they liked thus to shine before people, they were careless of how they appeared before God.”
Leon Morris

They were more concerned about what others think than what the Lord thinks.

“No person can foster the impression that he or she is great, then exalt a great God.”
Joseph Bayly

They were more concerned about their earthly position than their eternal position.

Point Three - There is such a thing as “the greater condemnation.“

“No sin seems to be regarded by Christ as more sinful than hypocrisy.“