Sunday Morning 10:00am Service

Jun 26, 2022    Douglas O. Melton

Sun, June 19, ‘22 - AM Services
“Here’s Home”
Ephesians 5:31-6:4
Principle 1. By God’s design, the greatest overall impact on a child’s life, second only to salvation, is letting your child see a godly marriage.
Principle 2. These admonitions stand alone but operate most fully in the context of love.
What provokes our children to anger?
• Sarcasm
• Daring them to disobey
• Comparing
• When criticism far outweighs compliments
• Embarrassing them in front of others
• Making no allowance for the inexperience and immaturity of children
• Inconsistent discipline
Principle 3. A father’s job looks a whole lot like disciple-making.
Parental authority is divinely-delegated authority; therefore, fathers, use that authority to direct your children to the divine